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In the Land of the most precious cold cut of the world: the "Culatello di Zibello”…

The Farm:
To talk about a farm is a bit like talking about the trees of the Spigaroli family. Starting with our great-great-grandfather, estate manager of the Piantador farm, Maestro Giuseppe Verdi's property, all the Spigaroli have always had farming in their blood. In fact even today Massimo has often been called "THE FARMING CHEF”.
Over the years the Spigaroli family has grown, the farm has added a restaurant called AL CAVALLINO BIANCO (AT THE SIGN OF THE WHITE PONY), then a business producing the finest salumi in the Parmense Lowland area, the "ANTICA CORTE PALLAVICINA” and most recently a Relais called the ANTICA CORTE PALLAVICINA RELAIS.

1st Day  - Sunday:
Arrival and welcoming at the Antica Corte Pallavicina, light dinner and overnight.
This will be the first and only day where you’ll be treated like a normal guest… the next morning it will be already
time to become a countryman! Working side by side with the staff of the farm in many of the processes involved in the daily life of this "little world” where the time seems to have stopped…

2nd Day – Monday:
Guided tour of the Palace and the ancient aging cellar where more than 6.000 pieces of Culatello di Zibello rest…
Coffee and breakfast with the other farmers with fresh eggs and many more products coming from the farm… You’ll need a lot of Energy starting from today on!..
Visit/Site inspection of the farm with a "colleague” farmer where you’ll be able to see and start learning all the daily activities that you’ll make along the week.
12.30 lunch/pic-nic in the farm.
In the afternoon, beginning of the work in the vegetable and fruit gardnen…
You’ll dig, rake, take out the wild herbs and more untill the late afternoon..
20.00 typical dinner as a prize for this tough first working day. Overnight.

3rd  Day – Tuesday:
Early wake-up, fast breakfast and ready to start this "new life”.. a full immersion in the northern Italy agricultural word..
Today you’ll work again in the garden and you’ll take care of the cows like a sort of "Italian Cowboy”…
12.00 light lunch with the vegetables you’ll pick up from the garden
In the afternoon, you’ll go down into the aging cellars in order to take care about the precious cold cuts that are kept there as a treasure.. You’ll move, clean and hang them since they need a lot of care.. their taste depends on the humidity they have and this must be checked every day…
20.00 « Priceless » dinner and overnight.

4th Day – Wednesday:
Early wake-up, breakfast and beginning of the daily work..
Today you’ll feed the local black pigs, you’ll clean the stable and you also work in the Vineyard (depending on the period: harvesting, pruning etc..) and you’ll pick-up fruit from the trees..
12.00 lunch
16.00 cooking class focused on the local typical pasta to learn the traditional recipes that are used to prepare amazing dishes in the two restaurants owned by the property..
19.30 dinner with the dishes prepared during the class. Overnight.

5th Day – Thursday:
Early wake-up, breakfast and beginning of the daily work..
Today, you’ll have the exclusive opportunità to enter in the laboratori where all the cold cuts of the farm are made.. Side by side to the experts, you’ll become a real "Norcino” (cured meats maker).
Lunch and dinner together with your "Norcini” colleagues..

6th Day – Friday:
Early wake-up, breakfast and beginning of the daily work..
Today, you’ll have to pick up the vegetables and fruit that will have to be sold at the weekly biological market held in the city center of Parma.. a very important appointment where all the efforts of the farmers are awarded by the enthusiasm of the clients and their compliments to the quality of the goods exposed..
Lunch and dinner at the court.

7th Day – Saturday:
Wake-up at 5.30 and departure with the truck for the market in Parma.
After the preparation of the stand, you’ll be one of the greengrocer that will serve the clients.. a unique experience!.. Don’t worry about the language.. your colleagues will help you out..
Packed lunch in Parma
Return after lunch, check-out and end of the services.

You’ll leave this place with an experience that you’ll bring with you for the rest of your life.. You’ll be treated like one of us, you’ll become a real Italian countryman!...

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